sellers marketConsider the source, but Century 21 came out with results of a study detailing what we’ve all known for a while: With inventory at staggering lows, a sellers market has blossomed nationwide. A sampling of the findings, via CNNMoney:

With fewer homes for sale and more buyers coming onto the market, sellers are less willing to negotiate on price like they were during the housing bust. According to the survey, 42% of the people shopping for homes have placed offers in the past six months, yet only 11% of the bids were accepted.

That has caused buyers to rethink their positions: 85% said they’re willing to compromise to get deals done. Just over half said they would be flexible on the closing date; 31% said they would purchase a home “as-is;” and 29% would pony up more cash than they originally planned.

I’m interested in knowing more about the 15% who won’t compromise to get a deal done. What’s their story? Are they just that determined to find the perfect property, or content to wait out the market, or what?

Either way, if you’re out there shopping, then don’t forget the first step of every successful offer: Visit the property! Beyond that, what tips and tricks have you seen beat the odds in this fierce marketplace?

[via CNNMoney]

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